Poetry…YES, Poetry!

Discover the delight of

meaningful poetry.

It is underrated and

poorly understood, but fun.

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I Want More

God's Gentle Voice

Worthy Vessel

Men More Godly

God's Eternal Eternal View

Living Waters


Wind, Rain, Pain

Wind of the Spirit


Wedding Gown

Willing, Waiting, & Wanting


Answered Prayer

Choose Jesus and Live

It's You I Seek

Lord, I Want More…

More than sight;

Give me insight.

More than education;

Help me have Your wisdom.

More than touch;

Help me feel.

More than a walk;

Help me finish the race.

More than rest;

Help me lean on You.

More than winning;

Help me be triumphant.

More than my world;

Help me see the nations!

By Ralph E. McIntosh @2000

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